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Global Warming or Global Warning?

If you have not heard about global warming then either we, earthlings should go with you to the planet you came from or I don't know what to do with you.....but I do pray that you are not one of the gas- guzzlers.

Is it just me or you have noticed too that we hear a lot about of natural disasters. They seem more frequent, more visious, more damaging - causing havoc. Taking life, property, trees and everything else that comes in its way.

Is this nature's way of saying - now it's my turn! Let's see if you can stop me...

We humans, somehow deep down somewhere believe that we can stop the "tyranny" of nature and finally gain our rightful place in this universe - at the top of food chain?

I am amazed at the rate, which we are destroying things around us. Our corporate warlords are not interested in hearing about any responsible corporate citizenship bullshit - and about being responsible human beings where we not only acknowledge that we are just a tiny part of this thing call nature, but that we are at the top of the food chain so we have a unique responsibility to protect and preserve.

This environmental laws are very funny thing. I really love the whole arrangement.

Most corporations will claim that they follow the guidelines set forth by the national environmental laws (in which ever country they operate in). Some accidental (and some deliberate) slips occur, in those cases if the corporation is caught (which is rare) then they are tried in the court of law (which is more rare, as proving these things are much more difficult then one would think...). Then the corporation is fined.

Let's get back to the law : So when these laws are made, then at least in the US ( I don't think following steps will be much different in any country....at least the end result will be predictable), these large corporations hire powerful lobbyist. Who will use their government connections to push any agenda and block anything that may harm these corporations businesses. So government will in first place will not pass any laws with real teeth. After much debate whatever skeleton stuff gets passed....these corporations can bend those rules to suite their needs.....and after all this if they are caught breaking these laws, then courts can be used to achieve any goal.

Take the minimum gas mileage for SUV's in the US. I believe that the government is saying that increasing those limits will adversely affect the auto industry. The part I don't understand is why can't government make law that will bar from selling any vehicle that does not satisfy that minimum requirement. I guess not - else Detroit will not spend money in the next election. Do you get the picture?

So here we are sitting and wondering if the global warming thing going to get us or not. I am already worried about my son's future. Aren't you? What kind of earth he is going to inherit from me. Shoot, thinking about his future with our "ethical" standards sends shivers through my spine.

What about you?

(This post was written on my blog Sunday, March 27th 2005 - Actually way before Al Gore came up with the title for his Oscar winning movie -
An Inconvenient Truth - A Global Warning.)

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