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Krishna, Buddha, Jesus - Religion or Sprituality?

I truly believe that Krishna was a realized soul. If you read his message in Gita, it is crystal clear. He knew what he was talking about. Arjuna seems to stumble at times. But the Lord delivers him deftly.

Same can be said about Buddha and Jesus who tirelessly try to liberate us. It is really very interesting to note following things.

1. If you look really deep inside the teachings of these great teachers then they are almost identical. Sometimes they even use same examples. Don't wonder why though - they have been commenting on human misery and that hasn't changed a bit in all this time.

2. None of these great teachers actually wrote down their words. Gita was told by Lord Krishna. It was written by somebody else. Dhammapada was told by Lord Buddha. It was written by somebody else. Bible was not written by Lord Jesus. Why is that?

3. All these great teachers were truly capable of changing the world around them. Some may say that they did change the world around them. I think they didn't. I think they taught us that nothing needs changing.

Krishna and Buddha are different in a sense that both were prince. Krishna was a king. Buddha could have been a King. Nobody was out there challenging their kingdom. Then why did they go out of their way to do what they did?

Lord Jesus on the other hand was a common carpenter. All existing establishment opposed him. They wanted him dead. They got their wish fulfilled. If you ask me - Lord Jesus himself made sure of that. Why is that?

I think that the message these great teachers wanted us to hear cannot be captured in words (and here I am another blabbermouth trying to pen it down something that is impossible to pen down by definition). They knew that. They wanted us to see their lives and follow in their footsteps. That's pretty much all there is to it.

Each life is completely unique and exactly identical at the same time. It is completely unique from a point of view of "I am separate". It is exactly identical from a point of view of we are all humans and share the same - Big I.

I think Deepak Chopra said this beautifully : Listen to the one who is listening!

Exceedingly simple to do. Exceedingly difficult to stay the course.

Christmas, 2007

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अनामित म्हणाले...

Not so different than Judaism, where living is to be based on (summarily) law, prayer and good deeds... as told in Torah & Talmud. I'm probably not doing this one justice. Oh, and Girish, good luck. Your friend Corey.