मंगळवार, १३ जुलै, २०१०

Pray Hard! Really Hard!!

Once a student of the way asked the Master, "Will the Lord show up if I pray hard?".

"Absolutely, without a doubt!", replied the Master with faint smile on her face, as she perfectly knew where this conversation was heading.

"When will the Lord show himself?", inquired the student of the way.

"If you pray hard enough, he will surely present himself", replied the Master with a continued smile on her face.

"How would I know that I have prayed hard enough?", asked student with doubt in his voice.

"You will know it when the Lord shows up", came the reply. "But even after I prayed hard the Lord does not bless me, then what should I do?", said the student with increasing doubt in his voice.

"Your job is to pray. Lord's job is to determine if you are praying hard enough or not. You just do your job, he will take care of his. As long you are not praying hard enough the Lord wont show up...so increase the passion and depth in your prayers. When he shows up, then you would have found out the right depth required", concluded the Master with a twinkle in her eyes.


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Very beautiful & inspiring!!!
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