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I Wonder

Hi there,
Sitting here on a Sunday night, thinking about tomorrow. Back to work again. How many of us do this routine everyday of our lives. My parents did the same thing. Their parents did the same thing. I don't know for sure, but their parents probably did the same thing too...

Where am I going? Am I supposed to be going somewhere? Is this thing we call life has a deeper meaning and all. Or we are just a random event on a disinterested planet? I wonder.

What does good deed mean? What does a bad deed mean? Is this what society decided what things are - so that it can function? Or they have a deeper relationship to who we are and what we do? I wonder.

Karma manifests itself many times over. Why then it takes me so much effort to have faith. Belief is easy. Faith, that's a different story. Is this because I am too worried about being me? I wonder.

I wonder, why and what. I wonder, how and where. I wonder, who and when.

Do you wonder too?

(This post was written on my blog Feb 28th 2005.)

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Unknown म्हणाले...

Feeling like breaking the tyranny of mediocre repetition is engaging, alluring, tempting, and all.
Having nowhere to go is idyllic (hope the word is correct), almost heavenly; our planet is a space-ship itself, with programed destination that we dont know, but just our role could be figured out? that too, if we try hard enough all our lives?
So long as we are not sure, good deeds are doubtless better than bad deeds!
Faith also is perhaps not a one-time achievment; and that too, may be related to karma, i am not competent enough. being oneself could be deliverance or delusion? i wonder?
Being wondered is one thing, but getting wonderstruck .. is another. there are floods of insight, but do i cope with them, carry them, process them well, and pass them for inheritance to future ones? is it necessary for us to ensure they are safe? right to get down is ours, yes, but "..have miles to go before i sleep!"

Girish Deshmukh म्हणाले...

Maybe the goal is not to break the tyranny of repetition, but to just acknowledge it? Why is acknowledging a bad thing? I think the need to change something arises from feeling of lack of fulfillment. Such a need is not a detriment in itself. But any "pruning" of such mental activities is just that - pruning.

Recognizing that routine is what life is may remove the feeling of emptiness.

Our mind by design is going to have thoughts in it. That is what mind is - a peaceful mind is not a mind without thoughts, but a mind which recognizes that thoughts are fine and not bothered with it.

A peaceful mind is a mind that is at peace in the midst of the hurricane of daily living.

I almost want to call "Wonder" an art. We loose our ability to wonder about things. Then they become routine. If one carefully thinks about the most routine thing called breath - then even that is unique in its own sense. But it is unique only if one has retained the art of wonder. Otherwise it doesn't matter.

If you believe that breath doesn't matter. Stop it for few minutes and we can discuss this later. :)

If you are still not convinced repeat previous step until you are convinced.

Unknown म्हणाले...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm !